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November 20, 2014
Genius Project
Genius Project for Domino: Try it free!
Project Management Software for IBM Lotus Notes and Domino
AttachZIP: Attachment compression, image optimization and archive tool for IBM Notes
Compress attachments to ZIP format and optimize images. Increase disk space, network bandwidth and performance. Reduce mailbox / DB sizes. Single product offering. Notes template based installation.
ACL Dominator
ACL Dominator: ACL management and administration reporting security tool for IBM Notes
Report, manage, analyze, audit, export, update all Access Control Lists on an IBM Domino server.
Fix security holes, optimize servers, expand nested groups, prepare for message migrations.
Report on ACLs, database properties, mailbox preference properties, user activity, DAOS.
Print Merge Reporter
Print Merge Reporter: Mail merge, printing and reporting tool for IBM Notes
Mail merge Excel, contacts, barcodes and Notes app data to email or printer using Notes, iNotes, web.
Generate charts and reports to Word, Excel, and PDF format using Notes, web.
TOTAL Recall
TOTAL Recall: Message recall email tool for IBM Notes
IT help desk and Domino administrators can recall messages for end users.
Central control and risk aversion - Your insurance policy to prevent costly legal disasters.
H-Fax Voicemail Center
H-Fax Voicemail Center: Fax and voicemail solution for IBM Notes
Review faxes and voicemail from Notes, web and phone. Caller ID fax routing, multiple voice mailboxes, call transferring. Notes, iNotes, web, iOS, Android supported.
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Genius Project for Domino: Try it free!
Project Management Software for IBM Lotus Notes and Domino
  • Complete, highly flexible and configurable software.
  • Tight integration with Lotus Notes client and other DB's
  • Get a 360 degree view of your resources, budgets, earnings, etc.
  • Genius Project is also available in SaaS and on other platforms
Try it free!

Imagine email that works for you instead of email that makes you work. Guided by analytics, IBM Verse learns your behaviors to adapt to the way you work, wherever you work. And because it's built for business, it understands you have special security and privacy needs, too.


Meet IBM Verse, a revolutionary product that will change the way you reimagine work. Visit for more information.

Thursday, November 20, 2014 at 11:00 AM ET -- Why does work have to be such hard work? The truth is, it doesn’t have to be. Join our live video panel discussion and hear how IBM’s latest solution offers an easy way to take back control of your day. As an added bonus, watch for details on becoming part of the beta!

February 22 - 26 @ MGM Grand & Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nebada -- Leadership in the Era of Cloud & Mobile -- Welcome to the brand new IBM InterConnect 2015: The Premier Cloud & Mobile Conference. In today's digital economy, the impact of Cloud, Mobile, DevOps and Security on business is pervasive. Cloud, the great equalizer. Mobile, the activation point. DevOps, the culmination of innovation. All underpinned by Security.

I written an instructional document on Installing and Configuring IBM Domino 9 Social Edition on CentOS 6 Enterprise Linux and posted it to my downloads area. I hope it helps alleviate some of the fear surrounding the idea of installing on Linux. It is aimed at YellowHeads (having some experience with Domino installations on Windows) who are thinking about stepping into the world of Linux. The document is focused on 64 bit Linux, but calls out differences from 32 bit installations where necessary. Even though it is aimed specifically at CentOS 6, the instructions should work for any RHEL or (with some changes to handle DEB vs. RPM) or Debian-based linux version -although as I understand it the only supported Linux distributions are RHEL 6 and SUSE Linux 11.

With CentOS 6 being released just a couple of weeks ago, I figured it was a good time to demonstrate installing IBM Lotus Domino and IBM Lotus Traveler on this particular flavor of Linux. I would have done it sooner, but I was on holiday and frankly fishing, kayaking, driving awesome cars, and shooting stuff beats computer geekery every single time. This video kicks off the series. In this video I demonstrate the installation of CentOS 6. I'm using a Virtual Machine for the installation. VM Software is Oracle's VirtualBox. I've set it up for a single processor, 20GB HDD, 128MB Video Memory and 3GB RAM.

In this course you will learn how to configure and administer IBM® SmartCloud™ Notes® in a hybrid environment, as well as support end users and configure the Traveler service and IBM SmartCloud Notes for BlackBerry® Hosted Services. Refer to the Getting Started links below for information on using this course. Even though these documents are organized in a course format, you can also use the documents on an individual basis, to answer a question or solve an issue you may be encountering.

Content protection for social business -- IBM Lotus Protector for Mail Security scans email messages and attached files for unwanted, confidential or malicious content, extending content protection and compliance for your social business platform. It controls the email content that enters and leaves your company’s network to ensure a high level of security and blocks spam and viruses. This software also provides integrated email content filtering for IBM Notes, IBM Domino, Microsoft Exchange and mixed email environments. LPMS Installs on IBM System x hardware or VMware, and it supports mail platforms Domino 9/8/7 or Exchange 2013/2010/2007/2003.

With WinCalendar it is easy to import calendar data from iCal data. The data can come from any Calendar platform that supports exporting iCalendar data (filename.ics). This includes Lotus Notes, Facebook Calendar, Westlaw, Windows Live Calendar and Microsoft Works Calendar. New: WinCalendar now also supports importing TeamSnap iCal calendar format to Word and Excel. WinCalendar uses iCalendar data to generate calendars in native Microsoft Word and Excel format. Create a Gantt Chart in Excel from your calendar data.

Mail merge, printing and reporting tool for IBM Lotus Notes and Domino -- Mail merge Excel, contacts, barcodes and Notes app data to email or printer using Notes, iNotes, web. Generate charts and reports to Word, Excel, and PDF format using Notes, web. Export Notes app and Contacts data to Excel.


********************\ SPONSORED BY NOTESMAIL /***********************
AttachZIP: Attachment compression, image optimization and archive tool for IBM Notes
Compress attachments to ZIP format and optimize images. Increase disk space, network bandwidth and performance. Reduce mailbox / DB sizes. Single product offering. Notes template based installation. Runs on Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Unix!
  • Compress attachments to ZIP and native LZ1 format in Notes mailboxes and databases
  • Optionally archive attachments to a central repository Notes DB and external server (web, FTP, file share)
  • All functionality included in single product offering for Domino administrators, end users and servers.
  • Quick installation since Notes template based. Simple as copying a Notes database. No DLL install files!
  • Compress to Zip format 2-10% better than other Zip programs including PKZIP and WinZip
  • Compress 30-70% better than Zip format using 7-Zip format (.7z)
Download an evaluation copy today!
Firefox dumps Google for Yahoo as default search engine
Firefox and Google are breaking up. Maybe it was that Google has a competing browser, making them strange bedfellows. Or after ten years of partnership, it was time for change. Or maybe Yahoo just offered to pay more.

Flip phones are hip again
Hipsters, rejoice. Next time you ride your fixed-gear bicycle to the the thrift store, where you find a vintage, grease-stained mechanic's shirt that matches your Rollie Fingers mustache and Grizzly Adams beard, there's an edgy, if technologically sub-optimal, way to tell your friends about it. Use a flip phone. In an age of the iPhone 6 Plus and massive Android phablets, flip phones are inexplicably making a comeback.

The best Black Friday computer deals of 2014
There are lots of cheap laptops and tablets in stores, but these are the ones that are actually worth checking out, from $99 laptops to rare price cuts on MacBooks.

IBM Launching Web-Based Email Service: Company to Offer IBM Verse Free to Individuals
International Business Machines Corp. is launching a new offensive against Google Inc. and others in the email market, offering a Web-based service it plans to market directly to end users, a rare tactic for Big Blue. On Tuesday, the computing giant unveiled IBM Verse, an email service melded with collaboration and social-media tools. The company is offering the cloud-based software free to individuals and small businesses, and also hopes to sell a commercial version to businesses.

Is the government spying on you? Find out
Are you concerned that the government is spying on you? A consortium of human rights activists claim a new app called Detekt will alert you if the feds are watching. Detekt works like an antivirus scan. Run it on your computer, and it tells you if the machine has been infected with malware that many government-sponsored hackers are known to use to spy on activists and journalists.

IBM Inks 7-Year Outsourcing Deal with Lufthansa for $1.25B
IBM Corp. (IBM) recently inked a seven-year deal with Deutsche Lufthansa AG and its Group companies for a whopping $1.25 billion. However, the deal awaits the approval of antitrust authorities and Lufthansa’s supervisory board to become effective.

Apple's Mac update fails to fix Wi-Fi problems
Macs are having widespread Wi-Fi connectivity issues, and the latest Apple's solution hasn't fixed the problem. Macintosh owners are reporting that their computers are dropping Wi-Fi connections, failing to join networks or their Internet connections are painfully slow. Apple pushed out an update to Mac OS X Yosemite Monday that said it would "improve Wi-Fi reliability." But Mac users say the update to Mac OS 10.10.1 didn't help.

Hackers attacked the U.S. energy grid 79 times this year
The nation's energy grid is constantly under attack by hackers. In fiscal year 2014, there were 79 hacking incidents at energy companies that were investigated by the Computer Emergency Readiness Team, a division of the Department of Homeland Security. There were 145 incidents the previous year. The outermost defenses aren't holding up. Between April 2013 and 2014, hackers managed to break into 37% of energy companies, according to a survey by ThreatTrack Security.

Rosetta comet landing: 'We can do amazing things, if we dream big'
From the realms of science fiction to science fact, the Rosetta mission reached its climax this week when when the mission's scientists succeeded in landing a washing machine-sized probe named Philae on a moving comet after a 6.4 billion mile journey.

11 really cool space missions
It's hard to top the tricky, first-ever landing on a comet, broadcast live on the Internet. That's what space lovers and other curious types got on Wednesday, when the European Space Agency's probe Philae touched down on Comet 67P.

U.S. planes spy on American phones
Federal law enforcement agents fly small planes loaded with gear to spy on Americans' cell phone calls. On Thursday, the Wall Street Journal, citing unnamed sources, revealed the extent of the program: Federal government gathers the data from Cessna airplanes and can cover most of the U.S. population.

The race is on for flying car start ups
Not since the Wright brothers flew the first powered aircraft near Kitty Hawk in 1903 has the competition been so intense. The technology that can give us the world's first affordable and easily pilotable flying car is almost here. Several start-ups are already moving their prototypes forward and the race is on.

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