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IBM Notes and Domino since 2003
Octoboer 9, 2014
Genius Project
Genius Project for Domino: Try it free!
Project Management Software for IBM Lotus Notes and Domino
AttachZIP: Attachment compression, image optimization and archive tool for IBM Notes
Compress attachments to ZIP format and optimize images. Increase disk space, network bandwidth and performance. Reduce mailbox / DB sizes. Single product offering. Notes template based installation.
ACL Dominator
ACL Dominator: ACL management and administration reporting security tool for IBM Notes
Report, manage, analyze, audit, export, update all Access Control Lists on an IBM Domino server.
Fix security holes, optimize servers, expand nested groups, prepare for message migrations.
Report on ACLs, database properties, mailbox preference properties, user activity, DAOS.
Print Merge Reporter
Print Merge Reporter: Mail merge, printing and reporting tool for IBM Notes
Mail merge Excel, contacts, barcodes and Notes app data to email or printer using Notes, iNotes, web.
Generate charts and reports to Word, Excel, and PDF format using Notes, web.
TOTAL Recall
TOTAL Recall: Message recall email tool for IBM Notes
IT help desk and Domino administrators can recall messages for end users.
Central control and risk aversion - Your insurance policy to prevent costly legal disasters.
H-Fax Voicemail Center
H-Fax Voicemail Center: Fax and voicemail solution for IBM Notes
Review faxes and voicemail from Notes, web and phone. Caller ID fax routing, multiple voice mailboxes, call transferring. Notes, iNotes, web, iOS, Android supported.
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Genius Project for Domino: Try it free!
Project Management Software for IBM Lotus Notes and Domino
  • Complete, highly flexible and configurable software.
  • Tight integration with Lotus Notes client and other DB's
  • Get a 360 degree view of your resources, budgets, earnings, etc.
  • Genius Project is also available in SaaS and on other platforms
Try it free!

Mail merge, printing and reporting tool for IBM Lotus Notes and Domino -- Mail merge Excel, contacts, barcodes and Notes app data to email or printer using Notes, iNotes, web. Generate charts and reports to Word, Excel, and PDF format using Notes, web. Export Notes app and Contacts data to Excel.


Convert IBM Notes calendar to monthly style format in Word and Excel -- With WinCalendar it is easy to import calendar data from iCal data. The data can come from any Calendar platform that supports exporting iCalendar data (filename.ics). This includes Lotus Notes, Facebook Calendar, Westlaw, Windows Live Calendar and Microsoft Works Calendar. New: WinCalendar now also supports importing TeamSnap iCal calendar format to Word and Excel. WinCalendar uses iCalendar data to generate calendars in native Microsoft Word and Excel format. Create a Gantt Chart in Excel from your calendar data.

(1) In the context of SmartCloud Notes, it refers to a specific configuration of the SmartCloud Notes customer account within the service. (2) It allows existing IBM Domino customers to integrate the on-premise environment and is a core strength and value proposition. (3) It defines the administrative model allowing more control using standard on-premise administration tools (Domino Administrator client, Domino Directory). (4) As a “Hybrid” customer, the customer Admin can choose if the mail users mail account exists on-premise or in the SmartCloud Notes service. (5) It is designed to support both transitory or perpetual coexistence. (6) Customers select the “Hybrid Environment” option when performing initial setup

Join our public discussion forums, where the community meets to discuss IBM Collaboration Solutions and related products. Expand your knowledge and create connections with others. To participate in most forums, you need to complete our free registration form to get a developerWorks IBM Collaboration Solutions user name and password. Other forums require an IBM ID to participate.

We have contributed the XPages Documentation Wiki template to! This wiki template was created for the community to contribute articles and for a writing team to publish documentation. It is based on the XPages Wiki template that is also available on OpenNTF and it has been expanded to add more features, many of which to support publishing documentation. This extended version is (almost) the version that is used for the IBM Collaboration Solutions product wikis listed above.

Support for mobile devices is becoming a more urgent requirement for many organizations. Studies show that ever increasing numbers of workers are using their smartphones and tablets on their workplace. This Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is growing rapidly. Therefore, your workforce needs access to email and schedules from these devices when on the road, but how do they stay in sync? IBM Notes Traveler provides that synchronization capability. It brings the latest messages, schedules and contacts to a mobile device to help your employees stay up-to-date when they are on the go. IBM Notes Traveler provides everything you need to start mobilizing your workforce.

With the use in an enterprise-class server comes the need to monitor performance and, when necessary, tune the server to remove bottlenecks that affect users. This Redpaper describes the methods you can use to tune SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server, tools you can use to monitor and analyze server performance, and key tuning parameters for specific server applications.

When you check the Domino server log that runs on Linux, the following message appears: "WARNING: The maximum number of file handles (ulimit -n) allowed for Domino is 4096. See IBM Tech Note 1221870 and set the allowable maximum to 60000."

The IBM Champion program recognizes exceptional contributors to the technical community—clients and partners who work alongside IBM to build solutions for a smarter planet.

Example SmartCloud Notes integration options -- The importance of social business is growing exponentially as companies harness the explosive growth of mobile, cloud, and big data to serve as the foundation for effective employee and customer engagement. Social business is all about various teams and individuals (employees, customers, and partners) working together and sharing information. IBM SmartCloud for Social Business provides the capabilities necessary for these teams and individuals to interact and move the business forward.

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AttachZIP: Attachment compression, image optimization and archive tool for IBM Notes
Compress attachments to ZIP format and optimize images. Increase disk space, network bandwidth and performance. Reduce mailbox / DB sizes. Single product offering. Notes template based installation.
  • Compress attachments to ZIP and native LZ1 format in Notes mailboxes and databases
  • Optionally archive attachments to a central repository Notes DB and external server (web, FTP, file share)
  • All functionality included in single product offering for Domino administrators, end users and servers.
  • Quick installation since Notes template based. Simple as copying a Notes database. No DLL install files!
  • Compress to Zip format 2-10% better than other Zip programs including PKZIP and WinZip
  • Compress 30-70% better than Zip format using 7-Zip format (.7z)
Download an evaluation copy today!
Amazon book: Linux Bible
More than 50 percent new and revised content for today's Linux environment gets you up and running in no time! Linux continues to be an excellent, low-cost alternative to expensive operating systems. Whether you're new to Linux or need a reliable update and reference, this is an excellent resource. Veteran bestselling author Christopher Negus provides a complete tutorial packed with major updates, revisions, and hands-on exercises so that you can confidently start using Linux today.

IBM Expands Global Cloud Footprint with First SoftLayer Cloud Center in France
New cloud center provides French customers with local SoftLayer cloud services while supporting data sovereignty requirements -- IBM today announced that it will open a new SoftLayer cloud center in Paris, France, before the end of this year. The facility will complement SoftLayer cloud centers in London and Amsterdam, offering clients more options for moving data and operations to the cloud in Europe in a secure environment. IBM Cloud will also provide cloud infrastructure services for customers and companies in France that require in-country data residency.

IBM and Microsoft to Offer Greater Choice in the Hybrid Cloud
IBM and Microsoft announced today that they are working together to provide their respective enterprise software on Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud. As adoption of hybrid cloud computing accelerates, this relationship will give clients, partners and developers more choice in the cloud, helping them drive new business opportunities, spur innovation and reduce costs.

AirStrip To Provide Mobile Monitoring and Early Patient Warning Technology Using IBM’s Real-Time Analytics
AirStrip and IBM today announced that AirStrip will work to develop a mobile monitoring solution to help clinicians predict declining health in acute and critically ill patients. IBM will provide the streaming analytics technology which allows AirStrip’s solution to use data from numerous data sources in real time.

German Public Transportation Co. Adopts IBM Software Defined Storage to Tackle Big Data
IBM today announced that Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG (SSB), a leading German public transportation company has turned to IBM Cloud, Software Defined Storage and Flash to improve business application performance and customer response times.

BP Selects IBM to Deliver Global SAP Application Development Services
IBM today announced that BP (NYSE: BP) has selected IBM Global Business Services (GBS), to provide Application Development Services for global SAP project delivery. BP is tapping IBM’s globally integrated consulting models to develop and deploy an Enterprise Systems portfolio—including BP’s Upstream, Downstream and Global Functions.

Crowdsourced Supercomputing Project Seeks Better Understanding of DNA, Improved Quality of Life
IBM teams with Australian university and Brazilian health institute to examine big genomic data using IBM's World Community Grid -- What do the DNA in Australian seaweed, Amazon River water, tropical plants, and forest soil all have in common? Lots, say scientists. And understanding the genetic similarities of disparate life forms could enable researchers to produce compounds for new medicines, eco-friendly materials, more resilient crops, and cleaner air, water, and energy.

IBM Reports 2014 Third-Quarter Results
Net income from continuing operations: - GAAP: $3.5 billion, down 17 percent;- Operating (non-GAAP): $3.7 billion, down 18 percent; Strategic imperatives grew double digits year-to-date: - Cloud revenue up more than 50 percent year-to-date; -- For cloud delivered as a service, up 80 percent year-to-date with a third-quarter annual run rate of $3.1 billion

GLOBALFOUNDRIES to Acquire IBM's Microelectronics Business
Acquisition Enables GLOBALFOUNDRIES to Become a World Leader in Semiconductor Foundry Technology; IBM to Focus on Fundamental Semiconductor Research and Systems Innovation -- IBM and GLOBALFOUNDRIES today announced that they have signed a Definitive Agreement under which GLOBALFOUNDRIES plans to acquire IBM's global commercial semiconductor technology business, including intellectual property, world-class technologists and technologies related to IBM Microelectronics, subject to completion of applicable regulatory reviews. GLOBALFOUNDRIES will also become IBM's exclusive server processor semiconductor technology provider for 22 nanometer (nm), 14nm and 10nm semiconductors for the next 10 years.

IBM Powers Service Provider OVH Public Cloud
OVH benchmark shows POWER8 processor-enabled cloud services run multiple times faster than commodity server-enabled cloud; OVH joins OpenPOWER Foundation -- IBM today announced that leading Internet hosting provider OVH has launched an on-demand cloud service based on IBM's POWER8 processor, tuned specifically for Big Data, high performance computing and database workloads.

Report: IBM a Leader in Enterprise Mobile Management
IBM today announced that it is positioned as a Leader in the report, The Forrester WaveTM: Enterprise Mobile Management, Q3 2014. The report includes an assessment of part of the IBM MobileFirst portfolio and its enterprise mobile management (EMM) capabilities, which are available for cloud-based and on-premise deployments.

Jefferson Project at Lake George Reaches New Milestones and Celebrates Year of Collaboration, Scientific and Technological Advances
State-Of-The-Art Data Visualization Laboratory To Be Unveiled October 17 at Darrin Fresh Water Institute -- The Jefferson Project at Lake George today announced new milestones in the multimillion-dollar collaboration that seeks to understand and manage the complex factors impacting Lake George, a pristine natural ecosystem and cornerstone of New York’s tourism industry.

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