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June 2, 2021
ACL Dominator
ACL Dominator: Administration reporting and management security tool for Notes
• Report, manage, analyze, audit, export, update all ACLs on an Domino server. Fix security holes
• Optimize servers, prepare for msg migration. Report on DB props, mailbox preferences, user activity
• Reports include mailbox owner, delegation, out of office status, full-text index details, DAOS size, etc.
• Nested groups report - expand groups. Mailbox Rules report. Primary, alias and fwd address report
TOTAL Recall
TOTAL Recall: Phishing removal and message recall email tool for Notes
• Remove phishing email sent by an external sender from all user mailboxes - Defend against ransomware!
• Help desk and Domino admins can recall messages sent by internal users - Central control for risk aversion!
• End users can recall messages using the TOTAL Recall database or directly from their mailbox
• Nested groups and multiple Notes domains supported
Archive Mailbox Reverter
Archive Mailbox Reverter: Archive reversion, message migration and reporting tool for Notes
• Move user archives to on-premises Notes mailboxes
• Migrate user archives and Notes mailboxes to Notes mailboxes in the Cloud
• Assists with message migrations (i.e. Amazon VPC, IBM Cloud, Office 365, Exchange, G Suite, SmartCloud Notes)
• Divide (split) or merge NSF archives
AttachZIP: Attachment compression, image optimization and archive tool for Notes
• Compress attachments to ZIP and native LZ1 format in Notes mailboxes and databases
• Optionally archive attachments to a central repository Notes DB and external server (web, FTP, share)
• All functionality included in single product offering for Domino administrators, end users and servers.
• Quick install since Notes template based. Simple as copying a Notes database. No DLL install files!
Mailbox Stationery Manager
Mailbox Stationery Manager: Mailbox stationery management and reporting tool for Notes
• Centrally manage stationery on all user mailboxes; Supports personal and memo stationery
• Copy stationery to multiple user mailboxes; Replace stationery on multiple user mailboxes
• Copy large attachments via stationery to multiple user mailboxes to bypass limits and security
Print Merge Reporter
Print Merge Reporter: Email marketing, mail merge, printing and reporting tool for Notes
• Mail merge Excel, Notes Contacts, Domino NoSQL apps, barcode data to email or printer
• Generate charts, reports, barcodes to Word, Excel, and PDF format using Notes, web
• Export Domino NoSQL app and Contacts data to Excel
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ACL Dominator: Administration reporting and management security tool for Notes
Quickly analyze and update Access Control Lists across all databases on an Domino network, as well as, report on database properties and mailbox preference properties. Locate corrupted databases and replica stubs. Domino administrators can generate reports to assist in optimizing server performance and prepare for a messaging migration (i.e. Cloud Notes).
  • DAOS reports including Logical, Physical and DAOS size
  • Mailbox/DB document count report (useful to identify mailbox/DBs which require archiving)
  • Full Text Index reports (useful to optimize server performance by identifying non-critical mailbox/DBs using "Immediate" frequency which should ideally be changed to "Hourly" or "Daily)
  • Mailbox delegation reports (useful for messaging migrations)
  • User activity reports (useful to identify mailboxes/DBs which can be retired)
  • Nested groups report for group troubleshooting (useful to identify mailbox/DB access issues with nested groups)
  • Mailbox owner reports including changing owner ACL (useful to force mailbox access of all mailbox users to Editor)
Download a FREE evaluation today and chase those security nightmares away!

Solve workflow and process challenges fast with HCL Domino — a secure, enterprise-grade, application development platform. Join our exclusive global launch event on June 7, 2021, to see the newest, exciting version of Domino. Domino powers the apps that run your business. Domino v12 is a major milestone that enriches the app-development ecosystem for business users and professional IT developers — while always providing essential business value and low TCO. Click here to see Domino v12 Preview "What’s Coming in HCL Domino v12" posted on January 7, 2021. From low-code to pro-code, HCL Domino is the only rapid application development platform you need, and we are making v12 more powerful than ever.


This article lists 7 steps which will protect your Domino web server from hackers and close vulnerabilities. Some Domino customers have only 1 or 2 of these steps completed which is quite alarming from a security standpoint. If these steps are not performed on your Domino server then an authenticated user with minimal access rights can (A) assume the identify of a Domino administrator, (B) attain access to all web user credentials including user names, passwords and internet addresses and (C) attain operating system level access.

Nomad Web feature seamlessly converts legacy Notes apps to the web. No more client upgrade packages required for Nomad Web client users. It uses existing WebAssembly technology in modern web browsers, so no plug-ins required. Client side Java and XPages design elements are not supported.

This article provides instructions how to configure a SSL certificate on websites running on a Domino 12/11/10/9 web server. SSL certificates can be used with Domino to protect one website (standard protection), protect multiple websites (UCC/SAN SSL) or protect all subdomains (Wildcard SSL).

Sametime 11.5 and Sametime Meetings 11.5 was released on November 10th, 2020 and provide the following new features. With the release of Sametime 11.5 comes new Sametime Meetings!

HCL Volt 1.0.3 was released on April 28, 2021 and supports the use of HCL Link. Link provides a platform for data and application integration.

HCL Volt 1.0.2 was released on December 8, 2020 and new for app authors include * Name Picker field, * Improved app design experience. For example, most item properties are now in a side-panel instead of a modal dialog. * Ability to choose which columns on the View Data page are sortable. * Added a new "contains" search operator option. * Ability to choose whether to enable a full-text index (required for the "contains" operator in the Search dialog). * Ability to include attachments in an email message generated by a stage change. * Application history.

Registered users can access session recordings on the Live page. If a session recording is available you will see a video icon on the lower part of the screen.

Connect your Outlook with your different business applications in just one Add-In. Transfer emails and important information from Outlook to the desired target application with just a few clicks. Without long loading times, without crowded add-in bar and without data loss.

In July 2020 Verse on Premises 2.0 was released, delivering a slew of new features. And when V12 of Notes and Domino ships, iNotes will be officially deprecated in favor of VoP. Join me to learn about the functionality that VoP 2.0 brings. Additionally, learn about deployment and administrative best practices to ensure your VoP offering meets your user’s needs.

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TOTAL Recall: Phishing removal and message recall email tool for Notes
Protect your network from ransomware! Central control for risk aversion.
  • TOTAL Recall can protect your network from hackers (malware, ransomware, hijacking) if phishing email slips undetected into user mailboxes. And it can be your insurance policy to prevent possible legal disasters costing millions of dollars, for example, as seen with incidents in the media and automotive industry. If central control and risk aversion is important to your company you should be using TOTAL Recall.
  • TOTAL Recall allows IT help desk and Domino administrators to (1) remove phishing email sent by an external sender from all mailboxes, and (2) recall internally sent email. For example, if multiple users receive a suspicious or malicious email from an external sender it can be recalled in a single click. And if an internal user sends a confidential email to the wrong person, or a terminated employee sends a malicious email it can be recalled in a single click. It can also be configured to allow end users to recall their own messages.
If central control and risk aversion is important to your company you should be using TOTAL Recall.

Download an evaluation copy today to search & destroy spam the easy way!
Remote Consulting Services For Notes, Domino, Verse On-Premise And Cloud
'NotesMail' Consulting is a HCL Business Partner providing HCL Notes and Domino consulting services since 1994. HCL BP NotesMail's services include Domino administration, Notes and Domino web development, modernization, optimization, security auditing, integration and migration for on-premises and cloud environments (Notes, HCAA, iNotes, Nomad, Sametime, Verse). HCL BP NotesMail is the "go-to" services company for the experience you can trust. The digital solutions collaboration team has decades of combined knowledge and experience to quickly reach your goals by delivering customized Notes and Domino software that fit each unique environment. HCL BP NotesMail can assist you with any Domino project below located anywhere in the world including providing Domino Managed Services (monthly support retainer for remote services). NotesMail has over 25 years experience with hundreds of enterprise companies which makes us the ideal choice as a consulting vendor.

OpenNTF Webinar: What's New with Domino Query Language with John Curtis from HCL (Sept 2020)
In this installment of our monthly webinar series, we welcome John Curtis of HCL to talk about new app dev tools being added to Domino, in particular Domino Query Language enhancements.

Domino - 30 Years Behind the Scenes - Slide Deck COL106 @ CollabSphere 2020
In November of 2019 our beloved Lotus/IBM/HCL Notes and Domino turned 30 years old. Ever wonder how a particular feature was created or who decided why something should work a particular way? Come join us for a trip down memory lane. Jason has been centric to the development of the software since its earliest days and will be sharing stories from Iris, IBM and HCL.

YouTube: CollabSphere 2020 - Welcome Video
Opening General Session Welcome Video

Domino Jeopardy! at CollabSphere 2020
Day 2 Lunchtime entertainment. Jeopardy! game of trivia about HCL Notes and Domino.

Integrating HCL Domino and Microsoft 365 - Slide Deck INF107 @ CollabSphere 2020
Is your organization flirting with a move to Microsoft 365? Or are you managing an infrastructure that includes both Domino servers and Microsoft 365 cloud services? As Microsoft 365’s footprint grows, many HCL Domino environments are finding the need for the two technologies to coexist.

YouTube: HCL Domino AppDev Pack – The Future of Domino App Dev Nobody Knows About - CollabSphere 2020
INF104: They talk about their favorite dev tool for HCL Domino, the HCL Domino AppDevPack. In this presentation from (virtual) CollabSphere 2020 they position the AppDevPack against other Dev Tools and show Demos and Code about what's possible with it.

YouTube: NSF ODP Tooling: Bring NSFs into the CI/CD World - DEV101 @ CollabSphere 2020
This session was DEV101 at CollabSphere 2020. Click here for Slide Deck.

Domino Volt fixes by release
This article contains a cumulative fix list for all releases of HCL Domino Volt.

Notes/Domino 11.0.1 Fix Pack 3 Release Notice and Fix List
HCL Notes/Domino 11.0.1 Fix Pack 3 (FP3) was released April 9th, 2021 and is recommended to all customers. If you are running 11.0.1.x, apply this Fix Pack on top.

Traveler 11.0.2 Release Documentation
Traveler 11.0.2 was released on November 18th, 2020 which includes bug fixes for the Traveler server. The information below outlines the changes included. Be sure to review the Traveler Product Documentation for additional information.

Verse 2.0.1 Release Notice and Fix List
HCL Verse 2.0.1 is now available. This release is primarily a fix release but includes a couple of enhancements noted below. For reference, HCL Verse 2.0 was released on 2020-07-13.

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